Editor - Lossless Transform

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There is number of elements what can be chosen:

  • Transformation

- No transformation

- Cuts out part of the image

- Mirror image horizontally (left-right)

- Mirror image vertically (top-bottom)

- Transpose image (across UL-to-LR axis)

- Transverse transpose (across UR-to-LL axis)

- Rotate image 90 degrees clockwise

- Rotate image 180 degrees

- Rotate image 270 degrees clockwise (or 90 ccw)

- Rotate by EXIF orientation

  • Copy Markers

- Copy no extra markers from source file - Removes all comments and other excess baggage present in the source file

- Copy only comment markers - Copies comments from the source file, but discards any other inessential data

- Copy all extra markers - Preserves miscellaneous markers found in the source file, such as JFIF thumbnails and Photoshop settings. In some files these extra markers can be sizeable

  • View

- Zoom - Lets you to zoom Original and Result images

- Auto Fit - Automatically Fits images

- Zoom & Select - Lets you zoom and Select what to be Cut

  • Grayscale output - Converts output image to grayscale
  • Update EXIF - Updates EXIF image
  • Keep original
  • Keep modified date & time