How To Run Slide Show with Desired Settings

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Double-click on the Slideshow.exe program file (or a Shortcut to that file) to open a Slide Show. It will be ready to run the same show that was previously being shown with all the same settings.

If the Main toolbar is not displayed, right click in the display area and select Normal view.

If the show is already running, click on Stop show.

A slide show can comprise either the image files contained in a folder (and its sub-folders if desired) or those on a custom list saved as a .vfl file (Viewer Favorites List).

All settings are made by clicking one of the tabs to open those control options.

  • To select a new Folder show: use Browse Tab.
  • To prepare or select a new Custom list show: use Custom Show Tab.
  • To set what order and how often image will be shown: Use Image Change Tab.

Note, when Clear Previous Image is not checked then previous image is not cleared before new image is shown (Default)

  • To set how effects are shown: Use Image Transition Tab. Step and Delay controls set how fast the transition occurs
  • To set a background or frame for the image use Image Layout Tab.
  • To display information such as file name and details or information contained in the embedded EXIF or IPTC data; use the Image Info Tab
  • To set automatic start-up options for when the show opens: use the Options Tab


You can find a .vfl list in Windows Explorer and Drag and Drop it onto the Slide Show Shortcut to run that show immediately. You can also launch a selected Slide Show from the Viewer or Search programs.

With a custom list you can set some image settings on a file-by-file basis.