Viewer - Compare

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  • Rotate CW - Rotates both images by 90 deg CW (Clock Wise)
  • Rotate CCW - Rotates both images by 90 deg CCW (Counter Clock Wise)
  • Slider - Zooms both images: 1% steps
  • 1 - Displays Left image only
  • 2 - Displays Right image only
  • Both - Displays both images
  • Histogram - Displays histograms
  • Copy / Move / Delete - Copies, Moves or Deletes selected file. Copy/Move open a Browse window to select the folder to copy or move the file to
  • Close - Closes Compare window

  • Right click in histogram to display this pop-up where you can choose Channel and Style

  • Compare - Makes pixel by pixel compare and it calculates:

- Minimum and Maximum peak signal to noise ratio

- Minimum and Maximum mean squared error

- Minimum and Maximum root mean squared error

- Minimum and Maximum peak absolute error

- Minimum and Maximum mean absolute error

to find the similitude of left image with the right image

- Match: Shows yes if both images are 100 % same images

- Equality: Shows percentage of equality if 100 % then two images are equal