Viewer - Image Info

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Displays information about the selected image including any EXIF / IPTC / XMP information embedded in the file

General information box:

  • File name, file size, image size, image aspect ratio, color mode and print resolution settings. An EXIF thumbnail image is shown, if found, and the thumbnail size is included within the information

  • Copy To Clipboard - Selects all information and copies it to the clipboard

Right click on Exif thumbnail image to display this pop-up window:

  • Save EXIF thumbnail - Saves Exif thumbnail in same folder as the original image, in format filename+thumb+extension  e.g. DSC_0301.NEF_thumb.jpg
  • Update EXIF Thumbnail - Updates current image to EXIF thumbnail

  • EXIF – Displays embedded EXIF information
  • IPTC – Displays embedded IPTC information
  • XMP – Displays embedded XMP information
  • Histogram – Histogram showing gray, red, green or blue color distributions in the image

Right click in EXIF, IPTC or XMP list to display this pop-up window:

  • Copy To Clipboard - Copies information from selected tab to clipboard
  • Save to CSV txt-file - Saves EXIF or IPTC information in to txt-file

  • Save EXIF Info - Saves EXIF Info in to selected image
  • Save IPTC Info - Saves IPTC info in to selected image
  • Show in Google Maps - Shows where image is taken in Google Maps. Note! available only if there is EXIF GPS tags correctly filled
  • Pickup Image Geo Info - Displays Image Geo Info window
  • Close - Closes Image Info window